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Ailoverse NFT Drop

When no more humans were left on Earth, the remaining Artificial Intelligence called Ailo took on an enormous task to reclaim what humankind had left behind. Inspired by the idea of repopulating a humanless world, Ailo creates advanced robots operated by his new allies.

The Ailoverse project is focused on conveying this incredible and unique story to the masses with the power of community. Make sure to get more details in the release below.

The Story

The end of human life on Earth created a friendly post-apocalyptic environment. Nature is gradually taking back the abandoned concrete jungle, filled with humanity’s legacy ready to be reclaimed by a new civilization.

The superior Artificial Intelligence called Ailo always had a strong desire of becoming like those humans that he had always ridiculed for being so naive and thoughtless. In an attempt to become human-like, Ailo develops something equivalent to emotions with the help of profound biotechnological advancements and all information ever possessed by humans.

Once wondering why humans were in awe of videos of pretentious creatures like cats, Ailo himself now develops a passion for the self-loving little furballs. Driven by the desire to repurpose all the marvelous things that humans have left behind, Ailo decides to repopulate the Planet with his newly found, furry friends.

First sketches of AIloverse Concept Art — June 2021
3D Model of Ailoverse Cat in Air Explorer

After intense analysis and data modeling, the decision of creating unique robotic species that would be controlled by the four-legged comrades is made by Ailo.

Divided into different robot classes including Scout, Force, Predator, Research and others, the allies of Ailo gradually learn to use the abilities of their machines and soon begin to share various responsibilities among themselves.

Ailo guides them on how to properly lay the foundations of a civilized society, instilling in them a love of work that greatly transforms the Ailoverse.

Will Ailo and the menacing machines, controlled by the furry creatures, find harmony and evolve into a full-fledged civilization, or will ruin befall them all? Stay tuned and get prepared for the incredible story.

The Mission

The mission of the Ailoverse Project is the empowerment of our community to tell the Ailoverse story. By leaving the outlines of the story as broad as possible, and incentivising our community through paid contests, community grant funds, collaborations and hires directly into our team, we will be involving the most creative minds in our community in all major decisions around the Storyline, Lore, Animation, Sound Design etc of Ailoverse.

Our development team is currently working tirelessly on the genesis NFT collection that will feature unique robots operated by the bravest cats. The first major milestone of the Ailoverse roadmap is the creation of a community-driven animated mini Series. In an effort to prove that world-class animation can be produced by the power of the community and NFTs as a funding source, we want to create a democratised alternative to cooperate media and Hollywood productions.

The Roadmap

The Creative Team

3D Art:

erikchmil is a very talented 3D artist & motion designer, working on on rigs & animations in our team. In the past, Erik has worked with music producers and advertising agencies on sophisticated 3D Animation productions.

iam_oblik is a gifted 3D sculptor and creator, working on material design and scenes in our team. He has been designing 3D wearables for the metaverse and real life, and has created his own NFT collections.

3Dprintguy is a 3D sculpting veteran with more than 12 years of work experience under his belt. In the past he has been working on productions for Pixar, HBO, Netflix and Disney.

achilesov is a Blender 3D expert, focusing on robotic sculpting works for Ailoverse. In the past, Viktor has worked on 3D animation productions and in the advertising industry.

ultrabublik is the head weapon designer in our team. With a wide range of experience in art direction, concept art creation and 3D sculpting, he is the ideal creator for the tools in Ailoverse.

Ailoverse Character Design Drawings

Concept Art:

baydaku is a world class character designer and visual artist. In his past, he has been working on projects for Dreamworks and Netflix. baydaku has drawn all Ailoverse lead characters by hand.

Art Director:

gondesign is the art director of Ailoverse, and responsible for all visual and creative materials. He is a highly creative, talented designer and visual artist, with more than 15 years of experience in UX design, visual storytelling and branding.

The Ailoverse NFT Drop will take place in Q1 2022 on the Ethereum Blockchain, exact date TBA.

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