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Investigate your past to build your future

How can one preserve and pass on family memories of their forebears? 

In the modern world, people place much of their focus on the future. However, a person without knowledge of his family history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots. The past can hold many valuable insights for the present and future. 

Research by Beforever Corp. indicates  that within their lifetime, many people seek out their roots; searching for a way to learn the history of their ancestors, family members and friends that have passed away. They search for a way to save that history, share and pass it along to the next generations. Unfortunately,  most people don’t have access to archives of extant documents and media depicting their predecessors nor their friends that have passed away. 

Sadly, this is a desire that can often go unfulfilled due to lack of access. Breaking those numbers down shows  that 75% of the respondents were unable to find a way to fulfill those needs. 73% of the respondents need to return and look through the pictures. In addition, a staggering 72% of respondents didn’t  even have access to the pictures or videos. The vast majority, (90%), of those interviewed for the research indicated that they wish they had a chance to learn about their history and pass this information on to future generations. This reveals a need for the ability to share memories among friends and family members in order to keep that history alive.

Resource: Beforever Survey. This research has been conducted by 1World Online on behalf of Beforever Corp. in December 2020, in the US.

Many people attempt to use the limited functionality of  current social networks and digital archiving tools to create media collections and connect with distant family or friends. Sadly, these tools can be one-dimensional and do not allow one to create a full picture of a person’s life and showcase their legacy.


“As long as we remember a person, they’re not really gone. Their thoughts, their feelings, their memories, they become a part of us” (Justin Cronin, The Twelve).

Looking backwards to look forward

Imagine, if your twenty-five years old child came to you with questions about family history, how would you respond? It is an important mission of modern culture to preserve the memory of loved ones who have passed away; to share their stories of life with friends and family and pass them on to the next generations. 

Reflect on the following questions: 

Do you know the life story of your parents or grandparents? 

Where did they live?

What were their hobbies, passions and interests?

Where did they attend  school or University?

Who did they love?

Did they love music or dancing? 

Anything else?

Who were their parents? How did they live? 

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Bring memories back to life 

Memories help keep us connected with our loved ones long after they are physically gone. It is hard to argue with that.  Revisiting these memories can help people reconnect to friends and family members who have passed on and keep their legacies alive. Beforever has built a platform which empowers users to create digital heirlooms, keeping cherished memories alive for generations to come. 

Beforever offers services which help people to collect, save and share  memories about their family members in digital format. Future generations will be able to see what their relatives were like when they were alive by viewing vivid pictures and reading about funny memories and life events. This access will help future generations remember and celebrate their ancestor’s lives, upholding traditions for years to come.

Journey to the past

So you made the decision to move forward and begin collecting information about your past. Where should you start?

First of all, you need data. 

To make this research convenient, Beforever has integrated into its search engine the ability to parse and crowdsource information directly from the web. This information includes genealogical data from digital archives, mentions in print articles, and social media tags. If your grandmother, great-grandmother or even your great-great-grandfather had records in archives, published an article, or if you know where they studied, the smart assistant tool will flag this information as relevant to you. 

The second and equally important goal is the necessity to structure the collected data.

Beforever’s users can create digital memory pages called MemoPages, which allow the uploading and browsing of photos, videos, texts and stories about the life of their loved ones who have passed away. 

In addition, people can offer friends and relatives the ability to save memories about people who have departed in order to pass the knowledge about their ancestors’ lives from generation to generation. This creates an eternal memory about them using a unique tool called “MemoMovie”.

MemoMovie helps users to create a collective video about the life of a dear loved one. Using this tool is an easy process and doesn’t require any technical or production skills. Users simply send out one link to all of their friends with an offer to record a video remembering stories from the life of a loved one. Through the collaborative process, people can share fond memories and tell a story of their relationship with the deceased.

The more we move towards a digital future, the more we appreciate the real tangible things in life. In comes the third useful feature – Beforever allows its users to create a book of family histories quickly and painlessly. The platform provides a tool to design a memory book mockups on This tool automatically structures content published on the MemoPage (like photos and written posts/stories) into a layout optimized for printing. With this, the user can download the layout and have it professionally printed, providing  a physical copy of the memories that can be kept as a family heirloom, available to pass from one generation to the next.

Instead of an afterword


“So long as we are being remembered, we remain alive.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

While Beforever does not revolutionize the industry, it adopts the best practices of searching and collecting information about a person’s past. With its innovative suite of tools, it helps people in a fundamentally new format to preserve the memory of their ancestry and past. 

It is truly revolutionary in the way that it helps users get the full story of the life of their loved ones, connecting people that have known the departed and can share the stories of his or her life.

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