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Decentralized Sports Recruitment Token

In the modern world, there is a growing need for unbiased systems and methods to manage data. Soccer talent recruitment is one such area where data has been corrupted by biased decisions based on gender and race. A decentralized method to prevent biased decisions in soccer recruitment can help rectify this problem.

An interesting solution that could help solve this problem is blockchain technology, which involves a distributed ledger system that allows for immutable decentralized information storage over multiple nodes. The integrity of data stored on these nodes cannot be compromised unless all participating parties are willing to do so (which would require everyone to collude).

TalentIDO has developed a new way of recruiting the best young soccer talents using only decentralized and validated information. TalentIDO utilizes decentralization to prevent biased decisions in soccer recruitment through the use of Augmented Reality Tests, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

What is AI?

It’s clear that there is a lot of hype around artificial intelligence and its potential to change our lives. However, there are still many limitations in current applications of machine learning algorithms. For example, these systems require large amounts of data (and therefore time) for training them before they can deliver insights based on new information. They also require access to vast computing power which makes them expensive or inaccessible for small businesses.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict the development potential of a young player is becoming increasingly popular. The technology is used to analyze previous years’ data and evaluate how well players have performed in their respective positions, helping coaches and scouts predict which players are most likely to succeed at any given position.

Issued social token

When a player joins TalentIDO, he gets a social token assigned to him. A social token is a digital asset that represents an individual player. The value of this token is derived from the player’s future performance (like footy skills), and can be traded in a free marketplace.

A social token can be used for accessing personal data about its owner — this allows you to get insights into their behavior as well as share it with others who may want to sponsor them or collaborate on certain projects together.

In this new model, players can create their social tokens and NFTs on the TalentIDO Launchpad (IDO) and swap them on the TalentIDO DEX with traders and investors. In addition to being able to use their social tokens to buy goods and services such as training, education and other expenses that they may need at an early age, athletes will also be able to use these tokens as a form of currency. Players will be able to use the TalentIDO protocol to buy goods and services from other users, invest in other players or engage in real-time gaming using TAL tokens.


TalentIDO is a unique social token ecosystem that rewards players for their achievements and promotes the development of the game in a fair way. We believe that it will help to improve the quality of professional soccer leagues worldwide by using decentralized technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analysis & Decentralized decisions making processes.

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